empowering you to create a life of freedom both on and off the trail

hey, I’m christine, and I’ve climbed over 200 peaks in the Alps the past 4 years

That journey has taught me countless lessons. Through it all, I’ve ultimately learned that life is better outside, nature is grounding, and having the time and financial freedom to pursue your passions is a gift. This site is a collection of resources to help more people be encouraged to build a life they love. Whether it’s trail tips, inspiration for outdoor goal setting, or a peek into the life of adventurepreneur, you’ll find it here. 

resources to jumpstart your next pursuit

hiking & trail running

Trail inspiration and lessons learned in the Alps + beyond.


Follow my ”pursuit of failure” as I document the adventures that scare me.


Gear, tips, tricks, and how-to’s for photographers.

helpful info for outdoor + adventure businesses

Are you looking to level up your life + business as an adventureprenuer? If so, check out these resources.

1:1 Website + seo audits

Your website can be your greatest asset as a small biz owner. Let me teach you how.

My go-to photography gear

A comprehensive guide of my favorite equipment as a full-time photographer

alps landscape photography