website + seo audits for adventurous small businesses

q: What do outdoor photographers, yoga instructors, and mountain guides all have in common?

a: They All need websites

No matter what your adventure as a small-business owner looks like, your website has the power to be your greatest asset.

Hey, I’m Christine, and I’m passionate about helping outdoor-loving folks better their websites.

Four years ago I made a change. I moved abroad, and with that, my photography business came with me. Knowing that word of mouth and a small social media following weren’t enough to bring clients in, I dove headfirst to learning about how to get found on Google. I studied as much as I could about SEO and what makes a website stand out from the crowd (hint: aesthetics are far less important than you think). Since then, I’ve grossed over six-figures in bookings three-years in a row with clients I love.

I can help you reach and convert more clients too.

My 1:1 Website + SEO Audits are perfect for adventurepreneurs…

Seeking advice on how to refresh their website and refine their message

It’s not enough for potential clients to find you on Google if your website is hard to navigate and your offerings aren’t clear. Let me help you cut through the fluff.

Ready to start utilizing SEO as a marketing strategy

New to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and ready to begin getting found on Google? I can teach you how to start optimizing your website and avoid common pitfalls.

Stoked to build a content game plan that will generate consistent leads

Blog writing is the ultimate way to produce content that lasts, drives traffic to your site, and can generate leads for years after a post is written. Learn to write blogs that matter.



Of my work comes from Google


Of hours saved not worrying about social media algorithms


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3 easy steps to get started

01. contact me to book your 90-minute call

Fill out the contact form to schedule your 1:1 video call.

02. fill out your pre-session questionnaire

Once you’ve booked your call, you’ll recieve a comprehensive questionnaire. This helps me tailor our session to your specific needs.

03. i audit your site + we build an action plan

During our call I’ll answer your questions and help you build a custom action plan to level-up your website.

1:1 Website audit pricing

There is no one-size fits all blueprint to running a successful business, so my 1:1 sessions are designed to teach you systems that can be adapted to your unique needs. Sessions are flexible, and a variety of topics can be covered. Some examples include refining your site’s message, SEO basics, keyword research, and blogging effectively.

what’s included:

  • Comprehensive pre-session questionnaire
  • 90-minute video call to cover your topics of interest
  • Post-session action plan
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€225 incl. vat

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